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Israel's City That Never Sleeps

Sample itinerary for a day in Tel Aviv

The tour begins in the ancient city of Jaffa, overlooking the new city Tel Aviv. After a quick tour in Jaffa, head to the famous flea market. 

Afterwards, enjoy a bike ride along the coast, and head into the heart of Tel Aviv.

Lunch will be served in the Carmel Market, along with a tasting tour.

Then, we will head to one of the city's most significant sites- Independance Hall on Rothschild Boulevard. 

Following, we continue to see Tel Aviv's newest hit- a graphiti tour!

The day can not end before visiting the interactive Palmach Museum, and learn about the underground movements that faught to bring the State of Israel to life.  

All tours are custom made to fit your wishes and needs!

The average length of a full day of touring is between 8-10 hours. 

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